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Blackberry development is one of the most promising and sought after mobile technology in the current global mobile industry. Highly aesthetic, sleek and packed with all the features of a conventional cell phone, Blackberry enhances data transfer, media and communication potential. It has now become a mode of business promotion too, encouraging majority of enterprises to hire Blackberry application development companies and reap the dividends of the mobile technology by promoting their respective businesses.

Why Choose Us

Leo IT hub is a professionally managed Blackberry apps development company, offering best-of-breed business mobile solution to our global clients. The core expertise and potential that set aside our blackberry developers from the pack include:

  • High-end Blackberry development expertise supported by comprehensive experience
  • Proficient in Location API and Google Map driven app development
  • Expertise in integration of Face book, Twitter with Blackberry apps, customized GUI for various screen resolution and QA testing
  • Proficient in implementing Barcode and QRcode driven apps facilitating third party libraries
  • Hands on experience in integration of SMS based apps for Blackberry
  • Worked on SQLite Database for storing data in mobile
  • Experts in Wi-Fi communication facilitating HTTPS and API enabled server side communication
  • On time delivery and post delivery managed support
  • Domain expertise and comprehensive professional track record

Core Services

  • Java development for Blackberry, customizing GUI for multiple screen resolutions
  • RFID tag reader apps and Face identification app for Blackberry utilizing Neuro mechanism
  • Web service communication through KSOAP
  • Blackberry driven marketing apps, entertainment apps, advertisements
  • Internet/intranet driven app
  • RFID tag reader apps for Blackberry
  • Cross Platform development facilitating Sencha Touch, Titanium, PhoneGap etc

Just don’t ignore the requirement of Blackberry applications for your business promotion. We are the one that can partner with you and help you enhance your business, offering robust and flexible Blackberry apps solutions leveraging our expert team of programmers and state-of-art infrastructure.

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